Additional Information

You may find this first paragraph a bit harsh but I must post it as a prescreening to individuals that don't know proper etiquette. 

First and Foremost: Our meeting will be abruptly halted if you choose to discuss any illegal or sexual activities 'Without Reimbursement'. Please note  that my services are 'only' for my time and companionship.. My services are in no way, shape or form of sexual orientation. Please be clear that this is Not prostitution. Companionship is my choice and I love meeting new people and having lasting relationships.

Screening & Discretion:  In order for me to feel most safe meeting you, I simply need to verify you: by including two past references (of whom I will contact to verify  that have a website/ public presence ad) a phone number and a personal photo, I will be able to see you as soon as possible!. Just fill out this form Booking Form and I will get an email immediately.  I handle all of my own correspondence. I am the only one who will see your information. Your screening information will be deleted once I have verified you. I only respond to emails, unless I've seen you already. but I am very quick with responding unless I am tied up :).

Offerings Must be taken care of discretely at the beginning of our meeting. Please leave your offerings in an envelope or sweet greeting card on the counter in the bathroom before we start our date.

Meeting Place: Outcall ONLY for now. I will not meet at a personal residence. If there are more than 1 person at our meeting place then I will leave immediately.

Proper Hygiene If I'm meeting you, before I arrive, please be freshly showered with fresh breath and clean hands. I DO NOT like cologne, especially strong colonge. If our date is at my place, I will ask that you take a shower, even if you showered before arriving. 

Adult Beverages: I really appreciate when offered an adult beverage but I only imbibe with a minimum 3 to 4 hr meeting and a fee is required for transportation to and from our destination of which I will arrange.

Please Note: Most that I meet are complete gentlemen, but for the ones that are lacking please take note that...I reserve the right to walk out on any individual without reimbursement for lost time should I feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or disrespected at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, individuals that are: visibly inebriated, aggressive, or indiscreet.