Q: Are your pictures recent?

But of course. I can't Imagine one meeting me without knowing what I really look like. Don't know how girls do that. I want my dates to be excited from the minute they see my ad to the longing for our next date. I have professional photos taken on a regular basis.

Q: What clothing will you wear for our date?

I always dress appropriately depending on what we are doing and where the date will take place.  I am discrete always . I will look like a normal date but appropriately sassy and sexy . Please let me know if you have a request. In my opinion casual is a pair of jeans or yoga attire.  Dressy casual could be a tailored pair of jeans and a sexy shirt and possible high heels. Fine dining would be a sexy dress and  high heels. Hair always looks great and makeup is at a minimum. I like to keep on the natural side. Just like my photos. If you have a special request and I don't have it in my closet you can purchase it for me, through my secure  Gift Rocket Account at www.giftrocket.com.  Just sign up and you can send funds or gift cards via my email at my account on Gift Rocket. Remember my email is BrookeTaylor@protonmail.com Can't wait to meet you. xoxoxo

Q: Where do we meet?

Only at reputable good hotels and high quality restaurants with fine food and wine. Love to go out on the town. 

Dancing is absolutly an option. 

Q: Why haven't you responded to my message?

In most cases I respond immediately and surely within 24 hours.. If you have not heard from me, it could mean that I haven't been able to contact your references or something did not set well with me. I usually ask for more references if the first lot does not pan out. I do understand that some women are not willing to respond, however I must have at least 2 references to move forward. I hope you understand for my safety. And gentlemen always do anyway, so thanks. This next part is not for the good guys....If you discuss specific sexual acts,  refer to abbreviations, disrespect me in any way, speak in a vulgar manor, try to negotiate offerings I will not respond. I will in fact be forced to block your correspondence

I am selective and wish only to spend my valuable time with a gentleman.

Q: Do you travel?

Yes I do and I need advance notice in order to organize logistics.  Deposits are required for travel after when we have reached a mutual agreement. Deposits are made to my Gift Rocket Account by entering my email address once your signed up. BrookeTaylor@protonmail.com