Companionship Offerings


Offerings are accepted 

discreetly in the restroom on the counter at the very beginning of our meeting.


 400 Out-Call    

Per hour  Any meeting 2 hours or more, please go to my Gift Rocket account and donate 400 as a deposit. They'll ask you to enter an email address. This one below will do the trick.

Dining Out

1200 Out-Call   

Approximately 3 hours.

I’d love to get to know you better in a

romantic setting over a nice meal.

Dining & Beverages only

Sleep Over

2500 Out-Call  

That’s about 6 hours of pure fun and 

the rest is for beauty sleep :)

Adult Beverages

I really appreciate when offered an adult beverage but I only imbibe with a minimum 3 to 4 hour meeting. An additional fee is required for transportation to and from our destination


If you need help or have a question please check my F.A.Q.'s section

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Gifts, Goodies & Deposits

Book Your Meeting with Brooke


A few formalities need to be settled prior to our meeting. Only with this step completed are we able to move forward. 

I thank you for your patients and I'm looking forward to meeting you. It will be fun, I promise...xoxo

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I Never Expect But Always LOVE Goodies

I love Casa Blanca Lillies, Gardenias and Excellent Wines.

Any goodies can only be sent through a gift card or deposits through for deposits and or gifts

 then enter my email address

to send goodies. And thank you so much. Kisses

Red Wines From 'Dry Farm Wines' 

(best and most pure wines in the world from all over the w

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